Our company, OCEANIC SECURITY PRIVATE ENTERPRISE SECURITY SERVICES PROVIDER S.A., was founded in June 2007 and its headquarters are located in Patras. Since its establishment, it has received recognition in Greece, and has rapidly developed a very important clientele who are served by branch offices located throughout the country.

The company, as demonstrated by its financial data, has the capital adequacy (capital stock and annual profits) to implement and undertake any project.

Since the very beginning, the company has collaborated with large and prestigious security firms in the Greek market and abroad.

The founders of the company come from the Security Systems and Services sector; and have accrued 25-year’s worth of experience (1986), and are specialists in the sector.

The company partners come from the Armed Forces and Security Corps and possess extensive expertise and, relevant, training.

The company executives, who man its business sectors and fields, have several years of relevant experience and training which is constantly being upgraded.

The means, supplies, and — equipment, which the company supplies, installs, and utilizes are acquired from reputable overseas firms, who employ certified security standards.