In Greek mythology, the Ocean, son of Uranus and Gaia, was the great and wide river surrounding the earth, whose streams returned to the point from which they started (opsorroos), and continuously flowed without sources or outfalls. Eos, the Sun and the Stars rose from the Ocean and were then again immersed into it as they set. The Ocean was the primordial element of the world, the father of the gods and the creative component of all things. Within the works of Homer, the disciple of God,Plato in “Theaetetus”,Aristotle in “Metaphysics” and Evdimus in the “Peripatetic history of Theology”, are the assertions that everything is derived from flow and movement, that is, from Ocean and Tithyn, who are presented as the parents of all the gods. The Ocean is also depicted on the shield of Hercules and Achilles .

(Statue of the Ocean in Rome)